Why does rainy weather …

… bring out the stupid in people? Heavens forbid this genius might have got a drop or two of rain on him or herself while popping in to the Spar.

2 responses to “Why does rainy weather …

  1. Just did a McDonalds run for a late-night snack, and the road between the N2 and Mall (past the school) is a river. The entire field has flooded out of the drainage canal and water is running deep over the road..! Pushed a decent bow wave in the Landy. Perhaps this lot saw that and thought they’d avoid the same fate.

    Drove back via town – Circle centre and the one where the R5 shop are are flooded and being swept out. The little stream across the road from my house is threatening to overflow for the first time since I’ve lived here – I’d hate to think what the Lourens river across from you is doing. Wet weather indeed.

  2. Chris M has some crazy flood photos on his blog.

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