Who is craniac?

My name is Steve Crane but craniac and strandloper are aliases I use around the net. craniac used to be my alias of choice but more recently I use strandloper as craniac is often taken by others.

I am fifty-something and live in Strand, near Cape Town in South Africa with my wife and two dogs. I have two grown sons that live nearby. I work in Stellenbosch as a software developer for MiX Telematics an international vendor of vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions.

I enjoy photography and post many of my photographs to my Flickr stream. Besides photography I enjoy reading but don’t always have as much time to read as I like. I enjoy many forms of music although my tastes lean towards the rock end of the spectrum.

See my about.me page for links to other services I use.

32 responses to “Who is craniac?

  1. Thanks for showing me flickr. Check my gallery of the vereniging airshow.


  2. Hello Steve,

    Most impressed with the photography. Didn’t realise that you are an aviation nut!


  3. Hi Steve

    I refer to your photograph of the “Missing man” formation done by the Lightings on Flickr. I happened to capture the same formation on the Saturday of the Airshow at Ysterplaat by the Silver Falcons. My album is at http://retiefdevilliers.fotopic.net


  4. Hi Steve,

    Nice shots. I’m a photog in canada and was looking for a guitar I saw that is made in Cape Town. You have a shot of it, from there I meandered into your site to check out the images. Nice stuff. The Green and Milky had me messed up for a moment. I thought it was some crazy aerial. sweet.

    Anyway, the Gas Can guitar man…who makes those Guitars?? I’m trying to get my hands on one and can’t find a reference to it anywhere on the net. I missed who actually makes them.


  5. Hi Diana,

    Thanks for the comments on my photos. Yes, Green & Milky does mess with your mind a bit. Do you have a site where I can see your photos?

    The guitars are made in Cape Town by Afri-Can Guitars. Their web site is at http://www.african-guitars.com and there is also a US based site at http://www.africanguitarsusa.com.

  6. Do you have a brother Benedict?

  7. No, I have no siblings.

  8. Ian van Niekerk

    Hi Steve,

    With reference to your pic “Tim & Fiona at an Asylum Kids concert in the GR Bozzoli pavilion at Wits University, some time during 1981”.

    Did you at all take pictures of that concert or the venue? I am busy with a project on the A Kids, and those times in general, and am looking for material.

    Many thanx, Ian

  9. Dennis Van Heerden

    Hi Steven

    Old school buddy who came across you website by chance. Left my email,contact us.



  10. Hi Steve,

    Wish I knew all this about you when we met. Also a Linux user at home/work, unfortunately no windows at all, so I do all photo processing via Linux. Keep it up


  11. Marlon, this info is a bit out of date in terms of Linux use. Although I do still have a dual boot machine at home I mostly use Windows now. Since I started shooting in RAW it became easier to use Windows apps for photo processing. I currently use Lightroom and am unlikely to swap that for anything under Linux. I should probably consider running my Windows photo apps via a virtual machine in Linux, then I can get the best of both worlds.

  12. Hello Steve.
    I found your blog and flickr account this morning , after doing a google search for “Helderberg Fire”.I live in Somerset West-near the medi clinic, so thankfully a bit away from it, I saw the fire last night on my way home and took a drive to Helderberg College for a closer look, I could not believe my eyes. I am really concerned about the house and people living in that area. Your photos are beautiful. I too love photography, mostly nature and flowers. I post a lot of them on my blog. I am happy to have found a fellow South African, as I mostly come into contact with others from the UK, Germany, USA. (my blog is mostly about Digital scrapbooking but I post about this and that and share my photos too.). Take care. Bonnie

  13. Hi Steve

    Just want to compliment you on some really amazing photos. I was just curios to know what camera you use to take your photos.

  14. Thanks Gareth. I have used a number of different cameras. The bulk of my photos were taken with a Canon EOS 300D digital SLR, but I have now replaced that with a Canon EOS 30D. Other shots were taken with compact digital cameras and a few even with my classic 35mm film cameras.

    But of course the camera is irrelevant. A good photographer will deliver good images with any camera and a poor photographer will not deliver good images, even with the best camera available.

  15. Haha, ja no for sure. I agree with you there. I’m just always interested to hear what cameras people use for their shots. ‘Cause some shots are impossible with certain cameras. Things like long exposure photos.

    All compliments to the photographer 🙂

  16. Hi Steve,

    My sister is wanting to use your photo of the Strand Tidal Pool in a magazine article. Do you allow that sort of thing?


  17. Cliff, I have mailed you.

  18. We have a lot in common. I enjoyed looking through your blog. Of course, I always enjoy your Flickr photostream!

  19. Hi Steve,
    I used an image from your site for my blog: I hope it’s not a problem!
    Best wishes,


  20. No problem Stefano. I don’t know where that particular image comes from. It was one of those funny things that get sent around by e-mail.

  21. Thanks so much! I visited South Africa, Cape Town (and Green Point Stadium) for my newspaper, il Manifesto, last november, and I falled in love! I hope and come back soon with my wife and my girls.
    See you.

  22. Oh, South Africa 2010 blog on GQonline is mine, too! Sorry, I forgot to say it to you…

  23. Good day
    I am extrememly interested about your photography on former Miss South Africa. Quoted from your site: ” The first two interested me not only because I want to become more profficient at working with models but also from a historical point of view. They date back to 1984 and were published under the Squire magazine banner and feature all South African models, including some old favourites from my youth; like Vanessa Wannenburg, Miss SA 1977. I have only a vagure recollection of Squire magazine and had never seen these guides before” Will it be possible to email me high resolution photos of these. I have been doing the Miss SA South Africa for years now and collect all memoribilia for the archives. I will appreciate if you can assist.
    Regards Louis

  24. Hey Steve – Great looking Blog!
    Paul Lindenberg
    EDITOR le Cirque Volant

  25. hi Steve Crane. I have strolled around in your blog and I like the way you portrait the ordinary life with pictures. I’am on the swedish side in wordpress and have signed up few days ago. greetings Barbro

  26. Nice blog you have here Steve..
    It’s interesting that you use Linux at home and work on Windows. I used to be in the same position in my last job, but now work fully on Linux both at home and at work 🙂

    Lovely pics you have on flickr by the way 🙂

  27. Thanks Helen. I actually need to update this page as I haven’t used Linux at home for a while now. Being a photographer I find it easier to use Windows as it runs the software I use. While I could take the time to get my Windows apps running on Linux I haven’t felt a pressing need to do so. My time at the computer is limited enough that I want to spend it doing what I want rather than fiddling with my computer setup.

  28. You may be interested in http://www.photocomment.net a site and a magazine that has been recently started in South Africa by a local lad; check it out and see what you think. I think it is pretty good but then, I am biased!

    You have some cool photos!

  29. Awesome photos – OH WOW!!!!!! And loving the fact you’re South African…. a bit of nostalgia for me…based in deepest darkest Catholic Ireland…lol!!!!


  30. Hi Craniac
    We came across your picture and are trying to obtain of the pics on your site. Who must we contact please?

    Gondwana Tours and Safari

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