Daily Archives: 16 October 2004

Tree Orchid


Thieving Bastards

I was in the CNA at Somerset Mall this morning, looking at the magazines.  I spotted one that I liked the look of and picked it up to have a closer look.  I noticed that it was a British magazine with a cover price of £4.99, but also noticed a sticker giving the local price as R122.50.  The GBP/ZAR exchange rate is around 12 Rand to the Pound so this is way off.  oanda.com currently give a conversion of R57.96 for £4.99.  So the price they are selling it at is more than double the original cover price.  I know there are costs involved in importing stuff, but what did they do, buy the magazine a seat on a plane?  I hope that nobody is stupid enough to actually buy these magazines at such inflated prices.