Monthly Archives: December 2004

My Site is Broken

While I have been on leave there have been some networking changes at work that have cut my web site off from the net.  I have tried to fix this from home but wasn’t able to, so I have redirected the URL to this, my blog.  I may fix it when I get backj to work, but I have been contemplating shutting it down and focusing only on the blog as it is far easier to update.  I will give this some more thought and then decide.

Just Incredible

elastigirl Saw The Incredibles last week.  Cool movie, but what really struck me was how hot the Helen Parr/Elastigirl character was.  I can’t say if it was Holly Hunter’s voice, the red hair, the hippy figure or the whole package that did it for me but I have had her in my mind ever since.  Does that seem a little strange, finding a cartoon character hot?


I’ve heard of Subway before but with them being in the US and me being in South Africa I’ve never had the chance to try their sandwiches.  But they are opening franchises here now and there is one in the newly opened extension to our local mall (Somerset Mall) so I have been able to try them.  I am impressed, having bought sandwiches from them twice I can definitely say that these are right up there in the running for the best sandwiches I’ve ever eaten.  So if you’re in the vicinity of Somerset Mall (or another store) give them a try.  I think you’ll enjoy it.

Ysterplaat 2004

So we went to the air show on Saturday.  We were there at 7am when the gates opened and only left around 6pm when the last aircraft had flown.  Rory and I sat and stood on the flight line all day and I shot over 600 photos.  As you can imagine, I was exhausted and as I am responsible for cooking on weekends we hit McDonalds on the way home.  After eating and a shower I started sorting through my photos from the show but was soon nodding off at my keyboard so I went to bed around 9pm.  Yesterday I had some things to do so it was mid-afternoon before I got to working on my photos.  Sorting the keepers from the throwaways proved a bigger task than I expected so I only managed to process three photos last night.  I expect it will take me at least until next weekend to process and post all the ones I want to display.  Here are the three I have done so far.




Air Show Fever

After a break of over a year we once again have an air show within striking distance.  So tomorrow, myself and the boys will be off to Ysterplaat AFB to see all the old favourites flying.  This time I have a decent camera so I’m hoping to get some good photos.