Daily Archives: 19 December 2004

Just Incredible

elastigirl Saw The Incredibles last week.  Cool movie, but what really struck me was how hot the Helen Parr/Elastigirl character was.  I can’t say if it was Holly Hunter’s voice, the red hair, the hippy figure or the whole package that did it for me but I have had her in my mind ever since.  Does that seem a little strange, finding a cartoon character hot?


I’ve heard of Subway before but with them being in the US and me being in South Africa I’ve never had the chance to try their sandwiches.  But they are opening franchises here now and there is one in the newly opened extension to our local mall (Somerset Mall) so I have been able to try them.  I am impressed, having bought sandwiches from them twice I can definitely say that these are right up there in the running for the best sandwiches I’ve ever eaten.  So if you’re in the vicinity of Somerset Mall (or another store) give them a try.  I think you’ll enjoy it.