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The cry of the larger breasted woman

I'm up here!

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Camera Tossing

Over the weekend I came across the idea of camera tossing and gave it a try. It produces pleasing abstract images suitable for use as wallpapers, backgrounds or in some cases even good to frame as modern art prints.

The image below, the very first one I took, was blogged on the camera toss blog.


Queue Areas

Some of my colleagues seem incapable of understanding that those already in the kitchen, waiting to use the espresso machine when they arrive, should be allowed to use it first. Or perhaps they’re just rude.

Anyway here is a link to some information on queue areas.

The first step

This morning I took the first step in the long road to getting my body into a reasonable state of health.  I got up at 5am and went for a ride on my bike, down along the beach front.  I did just under 9km and was feeling pretty knackered doing the last 2km back home.  Still, considering I haven’t ridden since last summer, and then only once or twice, it wasn’t too bad.  Now I just need to keep it up, and cut back on my food intake and my weight should slowly start dropping towards what it should be, but that is a long, long way off.