Monthly Archives: September 2005

Thank heavens for headphones

I have memories of working for a bank where we never saw any cleaning staff because they came in at night. Sadly this can’t be said for the office I work in now. We have a cleaning woman who cleans the offices once a week, while we are trying to work in them. She doesn’t ask if you mind stepping away from your desk for a minute so she can clean it, which would be a time to get some coffee, but simply starts cleaning around you. Perhaps it’s just me but I have trouble trying to concentrate on my work while someone is moving things around on my desk. I think that the worst thing about this is that she sings tunelessly while she cleans. For some reason the sound of this singing drives me nuts and I feel like shaking her and yelling SHUT UP!

Backyard Sunset


This is the sunset I saw from my backyard two evenings ago.

Katrina vs. Tsunami

It has just struck me that comparisons are likely to be drawn between disasters caused by the December 2004 tsunami and Hurricane Katrina. Strangely enough I have not yet seen any cases of anyone else doing so. I have seen somewhere a mention of 10,000 deaths from Katrina, which is far less than the tool from the tsunami, yet I see Katrina as the greater tragedy for humankind. I don’t mean this in a callous way and have nothing but sorrow and sympathy for the victims of both disasters. What strikes me is that many of the media reports and blog entries I have seen about Katrina are telling stories of people turning on one another, while I do not recall even one such report during the aftermath of the tsunami. What conclusions can be drawn from this? What might the causes be? Can this be attributed to differences in culture or religious background? I don’t know, but I will be interested to see if others start thinking along these lines.