I am almost through the first week of a weight loss plan that my wife and I are undertaking. So far it has been really easy for me. I am getting more than enough to eat and haven’t felt hungry at all. I have a long way to go, having to lose 66 kilograms, which they tell me will take about a year.

This is most of what I had for breakfast today. Cheese, onion, tomato, red pepper, kiwi fruit, nectarine you see here, and I also had one Ryvita biscuit and five almonds.

2 responses to “Breakfast

  1. I was just reading one of Michael Palin’s books, and came across the British term “Ryvita biscuit”, which seems by context, to indicate that it’s a breakfast food of some sort, or a diet food. Does it compare to any American item?

    While we’re on the subject of terminology differences on opposite sides of the pond, what are the definitions of “Takkies” and “gas-ring”?

    Thanks very much.

  2. As a South African I don’t know very many US products so can’t give you an equivalent. However if you take a look at Ryvita’s web site, you should get a good idea.

    Takkies are the South African word for sneakers. A gas ring is likely the equivalent on a gas stove of a hotplate on an electric stove.

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