Quite An Analogy

Last night my son, who is doing Computer Studies at school, asked if I knew anything about SQL as they were starting to learn it. My reply was something along the lines of “Only enough to work with it every day.”

Apparently they will be using Microsoft Access to do this and when I mentioned this to a colleague, he commented that using Access to learn SQL was like using Frontpage to learn HTML, which made me chuckle.

One response to “Quite An Analogy

  1. Hello Steve!

    Thanks for the correspondence regarding the wide angle lens on ODP. Really enjoying your very stimulating gallery & website and thought provoking photos here.

    So refreshingly different from the run of the mill stuff – you really have a good eye and whacky ideas (the neon lights, for example).

    Are you coming to the Ferrymans Meet & Greet this evening? Wondering whether chatting to you might lead to your pointing me in the right direction in getting a web page set up.

    With your photographic background, you will have a much better idea of what it is I want to showcase, rather than some random ‘web page designer’ student type from Varsity College 🙂 which was my current line of thinking.


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