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South African business needs to wake up

I was idly looking around for product info on the web and had a look to see if I could find a web site for the Photo Connection chain. I couldn’t despite going to their sister brand Incredible Connection‘s site and from there to the parent company Connection Group‘s site. I couldn’t find any link to a Photo Connection site. Their group profile page doesn’t even mention that the brand exists; strange considering the length of time that the brand has been trading, at least one year, perhaps even two.

Noticing that they have a Customer Feedback page I tried to leave the following comment.

Just wondered why there does not appear to be an Internet presence for your Photo Connection brand. This seems strange to me considering the fact that photographers are so tightly hooked in to the Internet in this digital age. Almost all investigation and a lot of purchases are done on-line so if you don’t have a presence there you must surely be losing out.

but when I submitted the form I got this error

Microsoft VBScript runtime error ‘800a01ad’

ActiveX component can’t create object: ‘CDONTS.NewMail’

/feedback_complete.asp, line 98

Sadly this type of haphazard approach to the Internet as an interface to customers and potential customers is all too common amongst South African businesses. A great number of businesses have no Internet presence at all and when they do these are often outdated, broken or written to work with only certain web browsers.

Companies, I’m tired of…

  • being unable to easily find information on your products
  • being forced to contact you by phone
  • reading in an advertisement that I can visit your web site at an some e-mail address
  • being forced to use a certain web browser to view your site

It should not be easier for me to buy products on-line from foreign vendors than it is to do so locally. The Proudly South African campaign would have us use local businesses to stimulate our economy. This would be a wonderful idea if only local businesses made it easier to do so.

POTD 2006-11-18

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Camps Bay Morning Light

Camps Bay Morning Light

Camps Bay is on the western side of the Cape Peninsula so the sun rises quite late over the mountains. It was well after seven when I took this shot and the beach was still in deep shade, with the sun just starting to light up the sea and rocks beyond.

Beach Sprinter

Beach Sprinter

I have submitted this image for publishing under the theme Embrace the Blur. If it gets published I will win a Lensbaby 3G so please go along to the site and vote for this image. Thanks.

Just a Drop

Just a Drop

Strange Fruit

Strange Fruit

This is the fruit of an arum lily. They grow wild around here and I photographed this one on the river bank near my home.