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Computicket is spamming me

Since last night I have received multiple copies of an e-mail from Computicket to each of my e-mail accounts, suggesting that I should be wildly excited that the stage production of The Lion King is coming to South Africa, and that I should rush to book my tickets.  There are several annoying things about this.

  • I have no interest in this show.
  • It is being presented in a theatre roughly 1,800km from where I am.
  • I have never asked Computicket to include me in any mailing lists.
  • I am receiving the message through several e-mail accounts that I have never given to Computicket.
  • The e-mails display no indication of how I can unsubscribe from further notifications, something I understood to be a requirement under South African law.

If this show is as popular internationally as they suggest I see no need for this spam campaign.  I’m sure they could fill all the seats by sticking to conventional advertising methods.

New Recruit

New Recruit

I did not expect it to do that

I’ve been using Firefox as my browser of choice for ages but I still need to use Internet Explorer at work for testing the web sites we develop. The other day I installed IE7 for the first time and immediately hit a problem; it just would not run. It started up but while loading the home page it just crashed. Rebooting made no difference but a bit of googling revealed the cause. I use Google Desktop as my local indexing and searching solution and it seems that IE7 crashes if Google Desktop is set to index web history. Turning that off let IE7 get up and running.

Now what was it that I didn’t expect? As a long time Firefox user I’m quite used to the tabbed browser and will often do things like drag a URL from another program and drop it on the tab bar, but not on a tab, to open the URL in a new tab. IE7 has a cute little tab that functions as a new tab button and it seemed quite intuitive to me that to open a URL in a new tab you could drop it on this button. Unfortunately this did not seem to be an intuitive idea for the design team because it didn’t work, nor did dropping it on the tab bar’s background; with both of these actions opening the URL in the currently selected tab, precisely what I didn’t want. So here we have this shiny new browser but I still have to jump through hoops to do some things that have been around for a few years in other browsers; and people wonder why I prefer Firefox.



POTD 2006-10-22

Simply Amazing
Simply Amazing originally uploaded by diglips who captioned it with

Bethany Hamilton of Team Hawaii is still a top competitor despite losing her left arm in a shark attack.

My Lovely Wife


Today is our 21st wedding anniversary. I hope the next 21 years will be as great as the past 21 have been. I love you, my darling.

Welcome to the blogosphere

Rebekka Guðleifsdóttir, Flickr‘s most popular photographer, now has her own web site and blog. She has posted a number of the photographs that she shot for a Toyota advertising campaign, work she got on the strength of her body of work on Flickr where she is known as _rebekka.

Hout Bay

Hout Bay

This is Hout Bay on the western coast of the Cape Peninsula, south of Cape Town. This image was taken from the lookout point on Chapman’s Peak Drive and is a panoramic image created from 66 individual photographs and stitched together using AutoStitch. You can see a larger version of the photograph here, but unfortunately the full sized image is far to large to display on the web.

Moo MiniCards

Moo Cards

My sample pack of 10 MiniCards from arrived the other day. These little cards are really nice, the printing is good, the cards have a beautifully silky matt finish and the fact that you can have a different design on each card is brilliant.



The only four Lightnings still flying in the world today.