Comet McNaught from Cape Town

Comet McNaught

This is the first night I’ve been able to see the comet as we’ve had pretty solid cloud cover over the past few days.

3 responses to “Comet McNaught from Cape Town

  1. Same here and tonight I just glimpsed it! I misjudged sunset and had no camera at hand.

  2. I saw it on a few separate occasions – amazing each time!
    The best time, though, was on Saturday 20th, when Venus was rising – right up next to the crescent moon, on the horizon. Unforgettable sight – comet up left, Venus and crescent moon on the right.

    Took photos:
    what do comet mcnaught, venus, a crescent moon and slangkop lighthouse have in common?

  3. I saw the conjunction as well but alas the cloud cover did not let us see the comet here in Bloem.
    As the comet fades all we have are the great pictures that many in the Cape were able to take as they seemed to have clearer skies than us inland folk.
    Thanks for sharing Steve!

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