Comet’s Tail

Comet's Tail

On Friday evening I went out to the lookout point beyond the Steenbras River mouth to do some comet spotting. McNaught put on a great show and the weather was quite pleasant with a stiff breeze that moved some small clouds across the sky providing added interest to photographs.

As the comet gradually set the tail spread out over a vast expanse of the sky and I took this photo with a 50mm lens, after the comet itself had set behind a low bank of cloud on the horison.

This photograph was featured on the home page of on the following day.

2 responses to “Comet’s Tail

  1. Steve,

    I saw your comet pix on ODP…

    One word: EXCELLENT

    Keep it up.

    Leo Theron

    PS: With low cloud here in Gateng I have not been able to get ANYTHING – and now the moon is waxing…

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