Not a Sports Fan

I just received an SMS message from Sports Illustrated magazine, saying that as I had enjoyed their swimwear edition so much (I subscribe to the swimwear edition mailing list) they were offering me a discounted subscription. I will not be taking them up on their offer. I wonder if they would be surprised to know that I only buy the swimwear edition each year, despite the fact that there are articles about sport in it.

20 responses to “Not a Sports Fan

  1. Yeah, I can’t help feeling sorry for your wife. I’m sure she feels very attractive, especially since her husband is obviously more attracted to younger, “hotter” women.
    Although, to be fair, your self-obsession is far greater than your obsession with younger women…

  2. Interesting conclusions from someone who has never met my wife and never spoken to me other than saying hello on one or two occasions. You cannot know what our relationship is like and my internet postings will not give you enough info to base such judgements on.

  3. I don’t need to know you personally to know how disturbing it is, and married men who can’t keep their eyes from straying are definitely not tuned in to their partner’s emotions.

    Maybe your wife is Superwoman, and it doesn’t bother her in the least, but the chances are slim. I know *many* women who put on a front when it comes to their husbands looking at other women – not because they are ok with it, but because it’s easier to pretend it’s ok than it is to try to make your husband understand.
    Those men are usually sexist chauvinistic pigs.

    All of the above points would be moot if you have an “open relationship” with your wife.

    I *started* becoming disturbed when I worked at CI and I saw your desk, compared to everyone else’s desks. Instead of photos of your wife and family everywhere, like a normal married person, you had pictures of half-naked women. That told me that you have a strange (read: gross) obsession with younger women, and that you have no respect for the other people who work in that office. Especially the women. It is a *working environment*, not a jerk-off room. I really felt sick every time I walked past, and after enquiring about it I found out I was not the only one. Far from it, in fact. At any normal company you would have been kicked to the curb a long time ago.

    I also note how you very seldom post about, or even mention, your wife.

    As for Sports Illustrated, their target market is 18-30 year old single males. That should give you a clue.

  4. I find it strange that yourself and others that were sickened by my calendar and other photos apparently discussed it amongst yourselves but never brought it to the attention of anyone that might have taken action by asking me to remove the offending items.

    I used to have a photograph of that office but sadly can’t find it now. Lest people form an incorrect mental picture of my disgusting display, let me try and recall just what was on display. There was a Sports Illustrated swimwear calendar, a framed print of Vettriano’s In Thoughts Of You, a few Far Side and 5th Wave cartoons, some photographs of penguins, a postcard depicting the Spice Girls (fully dressed) and a postcard advertising Hang Ten clothing stores, that depicted a young women in a bikini. At some time there was also a print of my photograph Three Girls Walking. In addition to these there were two framed portraits of Mela, my wife. In my opinion the calendar is the only one of these items that may have caused offence, but is hardly likely to have instilled such a deap seated horror in you that now, after two years, you suddenly feel a need to unburden yourself.

    I detect a bit of a subtext in your statement that “At any normal company you would have been kicked to the curb a long time ago.” Could it be that you harbour some resentment towards the company and have decided that I am a suitable target for you to vent it? Are you suggesting that the issue of my calendar was raised with management who chose to do nothing about it?

    I don’t see how the fact that you note I seldom post about my wife can be given any interpretation. My blog is largely a photo blog and occasionally I comment about my life or something I find strange or amusing. Surely you don’t think that I am unburdening my soul about all aspects of my life? Does the fact that I don’t blog about our pet dogs and cats suggest that I have no respect for or am cruel to animals?

  5. Starting with the company thing: seeing as though you asked, the reason I said it is because you are a middle aged man in a dead-end job, and (according to the few developers I knew there) you are stagnating. Ever notice how many young employees left?

    At a normal company you would have been kicked to the curb for your lack of respect towards women with your as-close-to-naked-as-you-can-possibly-get images hanging in your “work” cubicle.
    It’s not the company I hate, (I have no idea where you got that from since I was only a casual), it’s the fact that it doesn’t matter what the standard of work is, if you’re one of the employees that worked there when it started then you’re there to stay. That means you can get away with anything, including your posters/calendars which at a normal company would be deemed unacceptable. So do you really think anyone would bring it to your attention that they take offence?

    I didn’t expect to be able to convert you into someone who respects women and treats them as anything other than sexual objects, so I’m just going to leave it there. Perhaps one day you’ll look back and realise what a chauvinist you are.

  6. Laughing myself silly at the idea that it is “strange” that a healthy male likes to look at young, attractive women (not to mention the idea that one calendar equals an obsession). And I am a middle aged woman, just for the record.

  7. Ibis. First of all, I also used to work there. You are the rudest person, I have EVER come across. You don’t, and will NEVER, know Steve. Who gives YOU the right, to lift an opinion on how Steve feels about his wife. You know NOTHING. So don’t even TRY to lift your bitchy opinion. Why don’t you just shut up. We don’t care what you think. Your opinion is null and void. End of conversation.

    David is such a great guy. I doubt, that he would approve of your comments to Steve.

  8. Which Lindie? the “SlutWhore”?

    You don’t and never will know David, so your opinion is null and void. I don’t remember asking for your opinion.

    No surprise here – Birds of a feather and all that.

  9. @ Tiggywinkle and Lindie:
    I’m not about to have a conversation with either of you, because, as you can see, this is between Steve and me.

    @ Lindie:
    I’m really not interested in what you think. Judging from the tone and grammatical errors, I think I know who you are. See, the one Lindie was with it – she was organised and intellegent. The other lindie had a “friend” there and the two collectively were referred to as the “SlutWhores”.

  10. Lindie: This is a public blog that accepts anonymous comments from anyone. If Steve didn’t want people commenting on his life, he wouldn’t post about it, so stop trying to protect Steve – he certainly doesn’t need it and I’m sure he’s big enough to fight his own battles.

    “Why don’t you just shut up. We don’t care what you think. Your opinion is null and void. End of conversation.”

    Trying to shut someone up because you don’t agree with them is stupid and small-minded – especially online. You seem to be of the attitude that if you shout long enough you’ll eventually be right – that’s pretty idiotic.

    “David is such a great guy. I doubt, that he would approve of your comments to Steve.”

    You’re an idiot. First of all, what Ibis says to Steve or anyone else has nothing to do with me. She’s quite capable of her own thoughts and opinions and doesn’t need me to “approve” of her comments.

  11. I’d prefer that anyone that wishes to resort to name-calling do so elsewhere.

    Octavo, I don’t allow unmoderated public commenting but decided not to block Ibis` comments despite the fact that they were as unwelcome and unasked for as she thinks other’s replies to her comments are. Seems to me, if you post anything publicly then you can not have an expectation that third parties will not respond. It just so happens that the third parties here took an opposing view to Ibis. I’m sure that Ibis would not have had any complaint if third parties had posted comments supporting her views.

    Ibis, considering that you said to Lindie, “You don’t and never will know David, so your opinion is null and void.”, then you must agree that your opinion is no more valid than hers, as you don’t know me either.

  12. Who’s complaining that anyone responded to my comments? I think you need to re-read what Octavo wrote.

    You had the power to stop the comments or delete them at any stage, but you allowed it to carry on. My comments weren’t “unwelcome” or “unasked for” because you expected a reply. I think you enjoy the attention.

    Anyway, this is old.

  13. I thought that your saying “@ Tiggywinkle and Lindie: I’m not about to have a conversation with either of you, because, as you can see, this is between Steve and me.” was a pretty clear indication that comments from third parties were unwelcome. Perhaps I mis-interpreted what you said, or not. You have clearly not understood me if you think that your comments were not unwelcome and not unasked for. As to enjoying the attention, *sarcasm*well don’t we all just love to be subjected to a bit of character-assassination from time to time*sarcasm*. Yes I could have stopped the thread or deleted your comments at any point but I see that as censorship, which I am opposed to. Of course I reserve the right to delete them if I change my mind.

  14. Yes, I would have thought it to be pretty clear too: “I’m not about to have a conversation with either of you” means I’m not about to have a conversation with either of you.
    If you need it to be clearer: feel free to comment if you want, but I won’t be entering into a conversation with you because I am only here to discuss this with steve. Is it clear enough yet, or should I go one step further?

    Delete the comments if you find them offensive. That’s the whole point of it being *your* blog.

    Like I said, this is old. And it’s going nowhere. Keep replying if you want, but I doubt I’ll be back. I’ll reserve my attention for intellectual debates.

    PS, I didn’t think you were a n00b, but *sarcasm* is used to indicate emphasis on the word sarcasm, like caps or bold. Not as start/end.

  15. This is funny, and in a weird way, entertaining.

    Steve, don’t get rid of your Sports Illustrated calendar. I liked it.

  16. ibis, your reaction is sad. You clearly have issues.

  17. Now that you’ve gathered your little group of followers to chant your name, I’ll return to the original topic.

    This is my *final* post:

    Just because you’ve been indoctrinated by society in general (and South African society in particular) that it’s ok to objectify women and treat them with disrespect does not make it right or morally acceptable.

    Your short-sighted, blinkered views will hopefully soon be antiquated and your inability to think beyond your own cultural bias speaks volumes about your mental ability to think *critically*. Try thinking out of the box for a change – exercise that brain of yours and stop vomiting up the platitudes and inanities that fashion gurus and marketing spin force-feed you.

  18. > This is my *final* post:

    So you keep saying.

    I’ve re-read the last comment three times and I’m still just getting “blah-blah-blah”. Must be all the big words. 🙂

  19. “Slutwhores”, “pictures of half-naked women”, “jerk-off room”, “Far Side cartoons” – ek het duidelik te vroeg gewaai by CI! Any job openings?

  20. @Steve and @Lindie:
    You are both great people.
    Nothing more needs to be said.

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