Daily Archives: 8 May 2007

Flu Season Is Upon Us

I think I’m coming down with my first dose of flu for the year. Was feeling really tired yesterday and just managed to stay awake through CSI last night, then went to bed at 10h00. Never even touched my computer. Woke up vomiting around 00h40; but it wasn’t serious, here comes last night’s dinner kind of vomiting, but just a small amount of clear, acid fluid. I’m guessing it was probably phlegm from a post nasal drip or perhaps some kind of gastric reflux. I eventually dragged myself out of bed at 06h50 this morning with a sore throat and still feeling tired. By the time I’d had a shower and eaten some breakfast the throat was feeling better so I took an Advil for the stuffy head and brought a bottle of Andolex throat spray to work with me lest the sore throat return. I suspect that this will get worse over the next few days. The rest of the family seem to have some kind of bug too, and with all the benefits of central air conditioning at work, this will undoubtedly be shared with my colleagues; mind you that might be where it came from in the first place.