My Top Ten Albums

Nic started this off with 20 albums to educate your children with and Melissa followed up with her top eleven albums.  So here are my all time faves.

  1. Live, Throwing Copper
  2. The Clash, London Calling
  3. Pavlov’s Dog, Pampered Menial
  4. Fleetwood Mac, Rumours
  5. Queen, Live Killers
  6. Bad Company, 10 From 6
  7. Def Leppard, Pyromania
  8. Chris de Burgh, Spanish Train and Other Stories
  9. Neil Young, Harvest
  10. Rodriguez, Cold Fact

So what are your favourite albums?

3 responses to “My Top Ten Albums

  1. Great list, Your first choice, Live, fantastic and definitive album. Awesome that you put that in!! The clash, just that album cover alone makes it worth while on the list!

  2. melissaattree

    Cool list! I was debating on Fleetwood Mac and Live myself 🙂 nice!

  3. Rodriques fan! Wow! They are few and far between. He did not make many albums. Bit of crack head. 🙂
    Also big fan of Leonard Cohen.

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