TechCrunch sharing your e-mail address?

Ok, it’s not quite as bad as the subject makes it sound, but I noticed a few minutes ago while reading a TechCrunch post about Regator, that the name, e-mail address and web address fields were pre-filled with the details of the last commenter. Pretty ironic when there is a message alongside the e-mail field saying that your address will not be published. I snagged a screenshot.

TechCrunch screenshot

TechCrunch screenshot

When visiting the same page again, after another comment had been made, these fields were not pre-filled.  Perhaps this was caused by some strange coincidence, as I had clicked through from Rafiq’s blog and it was his details in the form as he had left the last comment.  Pretty strange.

2 responses to “TechCrunch sharing your e-mail address?

  1. Your web browser auto-filled that form for you.

    Strange that it would fill the fields with Rafiq’s details though.

    Are you perhaps moonlighting as him? 😉

  2. Yeah, some kind of session freakout I suppose.

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