No global village for Adobe?

As a fan of Adobe Lightroom I was very pleased to see version 2 released and planned to buy an upgrade right away.  I went to the Adobe store, only to find out that I have to pay US $129 to buy the upgrade from the South African store while it costs only US $99 from the US store, but I can’t buy there.  That’s crazy; I want the download version not the box version so it’s not a question of shipping or higher logistics costs.  In fact I will probably end up downloading from the very same site that US customers will.

So why the price difference?  And where’s this global village I keep hearing about?

4 responses to “No global village for Adobe?

  1. Couldn’t agree more!
    I think that Adobe is just being greedy here.

  2. Cobus (jab2)

    My sentiments exactly, Steve. Unless it has something to do with taxes, but then can SARS collect from oversees sources?

  3. I suppose it could be a duty or tax thing, but it sucks in any case.

  4. I reckon it is SARS too, they always want to get their grubby little paws into everything. You could always try finding another Adobe reseller and see if you can buy it for the US list price instead.

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