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Kudos to voting station staff

I have to thank the staff of the voting station at Charles Morkel Stadium in Strand for the assistance they gave my wife yesterday.

Seeing no need to rush to vote (stations were open for fourteen hours after all) we went along some time after 1pm. Sure enough there wasn’t much of a queue; perhaps 10 or twenty in the queue, so we quickly reached the door. Mela’s ankle is in a cast and she is on crutches and as soon as her ID was scanned she was whisked of into the hall and given a chair. Everything was done for her; the staff took her ID to have her crossed off the roll and brought the ink over to mark her thumb. A voting booth was carried over from the other side of the hall and put down right in front of her so she could make her mark from the chair. Finally her folded ballots were taken and placed in the box for her. She was rather chuffed with it all.

Ancient Oak

An old oak tree

Unusual Clouds Over Strand

Unusual clouds