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Ring Around the Moon

A ring around the moon behind a yucca plant

Spiraled Mirror-ball on a Sea of Blue

An art work of a mirrored ball suspended in a metal spiral, depicted against a backdrop of blue sea and sky.


Ancient Oak

An old oak tree

Unusual Clouds Over Strand

Unusual clouds

Ripples & Sky

Ripples on a beach with a reflected sky

Ride Till It Sizzles

Mountain biker riding a wall against a blazing sun

A mountain biker rides up a wall at The Playground, a free-riding area below the Afrikaanse Taalmonument in Paarl, South Africa.

Otherworldly Sunset

Setting sun over silhouetted rocks


A rocky outcrop

Gabled Corrugations

We stopped off at Spier yesterday to visit the craft market and the gabled tops of the stalls against the sky appealed to me.