Incredibly Expensive Connection

I’ve always thought of Incredible Connection as being a reasonable place to buy tech stuff. But two purchases I’ve made in the last week reveal that they are actually a rather expensive option when compared to other stores.

I’ve been needing an ink cartridge for a while now and was prompted to action by an e-mail newsletter from Digital Planet offering a special on the very cartridge I needed. After failing to find the product for a comparative price on Incredible Connection’s web site I went ahead and ordered it from Digital Planet as they had stock and could offer twenty-four hour delivery. Including a R60 courier fee the cost came to R270. On Saturday morning I was in Somerset Mall, popped into Incredible Connection and found that their price would have been R299.95.

A little later we were in PNA where my wife was buying some pens. I noticed that they had 8GB Verbatim USB sticks in stock and on finding they were R234, which I thought a good price, I bought one. On our way out of the mall I again stopped by Incredible Connection and found their price for the same USB stick was again R299.95. My wife suggested that Incredible Connection might be cutting costs by reducing the different price labels they need to print.

Clearly Incredible Connection are not the cheap option for tech items that I thought, so if you’re looking for such items I suggest you do some comparative shopping first so as not to find out that you paid a premium by buying from Incredible Connection.

8 responses to “Incredibly Expensive Connection

  1. Steve, I cannot remember the last time I purchased something from Incredible Connection to be honest with you. Besides that I use a Mac, I have always found them to be overpriced, unhelpful and genuinely only in it for the money.

    I have made every effort to buy elsewhere, support local stores or order online instead of purchasing from Incredible Corruption, I mean, Connection…

  2. It comes to no surprise then that they are labelled “Incredible Corruption”. I’m also seeing a trend there – are ALL there products priced at R299.95? 🙂

  3. Hmm… I’ve always found Incredible Connection to be Incredibly expensive. Kalahari and Digital Planet are more reasonable. But then, I hardly ever buy tech stuff retail. Find a friend with a dealer account somewhere. Hell, start a CC JUST so you can buy from dealers yourself. You’ll be AMAZED at the markup these retailers put on stuff!

  4. Afternoon Mr Crane, I hope you don’t mind me following your blog via your follow back on twitter. Firstly I am glad you have found the cartridge you wanted at the best price, even though it was not at Digital Planet 😛 However and I hope you don’t mind, I would like to invite you to RSVP for our Birthday Goodie Bag which has a number of vouchers and discounts (

    You can also enter our competition to win a Dell Mini Notebook. All you have to do is refer 5 friends to be entered into the draw – I do understand that you would be afraid of referring your friends in case they would receive spam but you are not obligated to do so and we are trying to curb our spam.

    I sincerely hope you have an awesome afternoon. Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me at

    • Actually Sarveshen, you misread my post. I did buy my cartridge from Digital Planet and as I subscribe to your newsletter, I’m already aware of your birthday offers. But thanks for letting me know anyway.

  5. My apologies Steve. It is great to hear you’re a subscriber.

    Steve would it be too much to ask: what do you think we should improve on? I would love to get feedback from visitors and customers regarding how we can take it to the next level so i would greatly appreciate any tips you can give me from an customer perspective?

    Many Thanks!


  6. Sorry Steve, but I’d like to take the opportunity to respond to Sarveshan as well. I used to subscribe to your newsletter, and have bought from DigitalPlanet before. After awhile though, I found the only thing I was reading was Val’s editorial. I kind of starting looking forward to it – it was often amusing and occasionally informative. But then you changed the newsletter format, and no more editorial. There was no other reason for me to read the newsletter, so I unsubscribed.

  7. Morning Graham,

    The funny thing is I agree with you 100%. Perhaps our newsletters should be less focused on pushing products and more focused on engaging you – not just as a customer but as a person that likes to read up on things that are both amusing and informative. My goal is to create a community where we can talk to people, like yourself and Steve, but more importantly have you guys talk to us back and I sincerely would love to know where we are at fault in trying to engage you.

    I have forwarded your response to Val and I will push for a lot more informative and lighthearted info – many thanks to you Graham.

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