Rising Sun

Rising Sun, the world’s sixth largest luxury yacht, visits Cape Town. Rising Sun is co-owned by Oracle CEO Larry Ellison and record executive David Geffen.

Rising Sun

Rising Sun

Rising Sun

Rising Sun

Rising Sun

4 responses to “Rising Sun

  1. Nice pics! I went down to the harbour when the Queen Mary 2 was in town to take pics and when I realised it was becoming very difficult to find a decent spot, I tried to find this yacht, but couldn’t!

    I did eventually manage to take a few decent pics of the Queen Mary 2, which I’ll upload as soon.

  2. Awesome yacht and great pics! I also did a post on this over the weekend and would love you to see it along with some great stats that I found: http://www.adsmitchell.blogspot.com

  3. I saw the QM2 coming into the harbour as I drove into the city last Thursday. Unfortunately I didn’t have advance knowledge and my camera was at home in Strand (cell camera wouldn’t do justice) and I ended up being in the CTICC at Microsoft DevDays all day in any case.

  4. here is a pic of the QM2 leaving our shores on Friday evening – http://twitpic.com/1bd2z1

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