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Creative Commons Photos

I used to post my favourite Flickr photo each day to my blog as a photo of the day but haven’t done so in some time. I decided that I would prefer to present only my own photographs here. However, I often come across beautiful photographs that I would like to showcase so I have started another blog, Creative Commons Photos, that I will use to post beautiful photographs, taken by others, that I find on Flickr and elsewhere around the web. As I am a supporter of publishing one’s works under open licences I will be restricting the images I post to ones that are published under a Creative Commons licence.

Creative Commons at work

I got feedback from Caroline thanking me for making Flying The Flag available under a CC licence. She used it in a SoulCollage she made for Reluctant Nomad, who blogged it with accreditation.

This is only the second or third time that someone has told me they used one of my images.  It makes me wonder how many times they have been used without the user letting me know.