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Supporting local artists

Today seems to have been a day for supporting local artists. I bought a copy of So Close, Tertia Albertyn‘s book this afternoon and was going through my feeds a little while ago when I came across her latest post about Verity, a local singer who is employing the interesting technique of pre-sales to raise the money to record her first album. I had been meaning to become one of the future owners for a while now and saw Tertia’s post as a sign that now was the time. So I have bought a copy and have become future owner #994. I’m looking forward to being a part of the album creation process by helping to choose the songs that Verity will record.

Harry Potter is Evil?

This past Sunday the Sunday Times reported as follows;

A BLOEMFONTEIN matric pupil refused to answer an English exam question on Harry Potter because he believes the fictional wizard boy promotes witchcraft. Full Story Here

I can’t understand how people can believe Harry Potter is promoting witchcraft, yet are quite happy to accept many other children’s fantasy tales. It’s all just fantasy. Surely the issue is more about parents educating their children in what is real and what is fantasy and should be read without being taken literally.