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Cold callers leave me cold

I just answered a call on my mobile from the dreaded Private Number, stupid, I know. Fully expecting to hear the usual “Am I speaking to Mr. Steve Crane?”, I was suprised to hear “Am I speaking to the owner of zero eight three …” instead.

So cold callers no longer even have the decency to try any form of targeting, not even to find out who the number belongs to. That’s just rude and extremely annoying. I have had enough and will no longer answer calls from private numbers. If they choose to leave a voicemail I may return their call, or I may not.

I am also going to change my voicemail message from “Leave your name and number and I’ll get back to you”, to “Leave your name, number and the reason for your call and I may get get back to you”.


Two teenaged girls texting in tandem

Scaly Bastards

I received an SMS last night telling me about a new service freesms.co.za that will allow unlimited free sending of SMSes to any network.  As the ZA networks are pretty tight about this sort of thing I decided to check it out.  The web site has a login form, as you might expect, but interestingly it doesn’t ask for a user ID, it asks for a <em>Player ID</em> and there is a link to tell you how to get one.  This link opens a popup window, which reveals the ugly truth.  The whole thing is just a hook to get you to support an online casino, for which you actually need to download a piece of software.  I don’t think so!