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Nerdmag BlackBerry offer

Nerdmag are offering a BlackBerry Curve 8310 smartphone as a prize; so despite the fact that I am not the luckiest soul around I thought I’d have a go at winning it.

I’ve had a look at the features and think these are the coolest of them.

  • I love the full QWERTY keyboard. Having a deaf wife that relies on text messaging, I think that all handsets should have these.
  • The wide screen and trackball are great too as they will make web browsing that much easier. I do a lot of web browsing on my phone.
  • The GPS and mapping features are nice for someone like me that is always on the lookout for and trying to find directions to cool locations to photograph.

I have no interesting cell phone related stories. I am “teh boring” when it comes to cell phones. I always have the more affordable, less featured handsets and have never lost, destroyed or had one stolen. So I think I need to win this shiny, feature-packed smartphone so that I can step into the light and catch up with all the cool kids of the cell phone world.