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We have the misfortune of having a crowd of cicadas move into our neighbours hedge. They make an incredible racket all day long.

This one was sitting on our garden wall the other evening so I tried taking some shots of it. Not having a proper macro lens I used my 50mm f/1.8 with a close-up lens. This was the best shot I could manage.

I’ve tried to record the terrible sound they make but despite it being a horrible assualt on human ears, the sound recorder on my cell phone doesn’t record it. All you hear are the background noises in absolute silence. I virtually had the phone in the hedge so it must be something to do with the pitch of the sound they make.

Christmas Light Letdown

Zoomed christmas lightsWhen we lived in Gauteng we used to go into Johannesburg to see the Christmas lights every year.  It was great to drive slowly along the streets, looking at the lights as they passed overhead.

Since moving to Strand nine years ago we had never been into Cape Town to see the Christmas lights there, so yesterday we extended an outing around the peninsula into the night so that we could see them.

We were very disappointed to find that only a few blocks up Adderley Street, the road was closed off and beyond was the same melee of crowds and stalls selling every kind of plastic junk.  Just like Main Road in Somerset West during the Christmas Season.  We only went there once as we’re no fans of the noisy atmosphere at such events.

How sad that the lights in Adderley Street can’t be enjoyed as could those in Johannesburg.

It seems that others had a better experience than we did; different expectations I suppose.

Thank heavens for headphones

I have memories of working for a bank where we never saw any cleaning staff because they came in at night. Sadly this can’t be said for the office I work in now. We have a cleaning woman who cleans the offices once a week, while we are trying to work in them. She doesn’t ask if you mind stepping away from your desk for a minute so she can clean it, which would be a time to get some coffee, but simply starts cleaning around you. Perhaps it’s just me but I have trouble trying to concentrate on my work while someone is moving things around on my desk. I think that the worst thing about this is that she sings tunelessly while she cleans. For some reason the sound of this singing drives me nuts and I feel like shaking her and yelling SHUT UP!