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People enjoying a concert

People rocking along to the Jesse Jordan Band at a recent sunset concert at the Helderberg Nature Reserve.

Is Your Sister Hot

Yesterday, just before leaving work, I heard a ruckus on the other side of the office. Passing by there on my way out the door I discovered it was WeZ and Stilks debating whether it is possible for a guy to tell whether his sister is hot or not. Stilks says not but WeZ and the others around them all said it was possible. Liv was there to give a female perspective and sided with the others. Stilks seems to think that it is unnatural to even consider whether your sibling is hot or not. I think it is quite possible for anyone to recognise and acknowledge the beauty and sexiness of a sibling, or even a parent or child, without actually feeling sexual attraction towards them. What do you think?

It drives me nuts

I am a software developer and also the backup administrator in our office. I often get people coming to ask me to do something related to a software project, or to ask me to perform some administrative task for them.

That’s no problem, but, why, oh why, do they have to stand behind me and watch? Do they think it will happen faster or I won’t do it right now unless they wait. I find this particularly annoying with administrative tasks, which can involve remotely logging in to some server that is as slow as molasses. If they’re not watching I can carry on with other tasks while I wait but if they are watching I just have to stare at the monitor and fume about the sluggish computer and watching cow-orker.