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Social media: privacy and implied permission

Occasionaly I receive notification that someone has started following me on Twitter or has befriended me on some other social media service; but on visiting their profile I find that their updates are protected and I need to request permission to see them.

While I accept that people may want to keep their updates private I don’t understand the rationale behind it. Why would you want to join a microblogging service like Twitter, yet not make what you’re publishing public? If you’re using it to broadcast something not quite legal, why draw attention to yourself by creating a profile at all? If you’re simply paranoid about privacy, then perhaps you should reconsider your involvement in social media and stick to something more private, like e-mail.

The point I want to make relates to not being able to see updates from someone that has followed or befriended me. My feelings are that the act of you following or befriending me should implicitly, and automatically, grant me the rights to follow or befriend you without me needing to ask you for additional permission to do so.

Facebook: The Print Edition

Crane_20081201_01122008005 I was browsing through Paper Weight in Somerset Mall this afternoon (they’re having a Christmas special, all magazines at R10) and spotted this mook.

I found it rather strange that someone would publish a guide to a single web site.  Sure, Facebook doesn’t exactly have the most intuitive of interfaces, but it is just a web site.  Then there’s the fact that the very people that this is targeted at are probably the ones least likely to buy and read a printed instructional guide to an online environment.

And what about the sub-title, Your complete guide to social networking?  Facebook is hardly the be-all and end-all of social networking.


Since posting last night on how to synchronise Plurk and Twitter, I have come across ping.fm, a service that lets you post in one place and have your post delivered to a variety of other services, including not only Plurk and Twitter but many others too.

Go and check them out and sign up if you’re interested.  They’re in closed beta so you will need a beta code to be able to register.  You can use landofping.