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Take a pamphlet next time!

Coming back from dropping my mom-in-law at home I got stopped by the robot (traffic light for the non-Saffers) at Somerset Mall.  I was maybe six or seven cars back from the line and watched a young black guy walking towards me trying to hand out advertising flyers.  Not one of the drivers in front of me was prepared to take a flyer; I did.

The way I see it is that people handing out flyers are probably paid very little for being on their feet all day, dodging cars in sun or rain.  I’m sure that they are expected to hand out all the flyers they were issued with and may be paid less if they don’t.  So I always take a flyer to help them get their day’s work done.  I urge all drivers to do the same.  I’m not suggesting you must support the businesses doing the advertising, I could care less if you even read it; just take the flyer and toss it in the bin when you get home and you will be helping someone.  So what if you have the inconvenience of opening your window, most of us have electric car windows anyway.

DS Action – Down Syndrome support in San Diego

A friend from a mailing list I belong to has a son with Down Syndrome. He and his wife have been instrumental in setting up DS Action, a group committed to improving the quality of life of those with Down Syndrome. Although they are based in San Diego, California, I’m sure they would welcome members from anywhere, but if you are in their vicinity perhaps you can offer assistance. Being a newish organisation, I’m sure they could use the help.