Daily Archives: 25 September 2004

Tiny Yellow Flowers

I lay on the ground and used my close-up lenses to take this.  The largest of the flowers was no more than 1cm across.


Roach Army

I was out on the rocks by the sea at Rooiels this afternoon taking some photos when I saw the strangest thing.  I spotted a cockroach on a rock near my feet and when I looked at the rocks a little further away, they were crawling with hundreds, if not thousands of small cockroaches.  The strange thing is that most of them were moving in the same direction, forming a column that swarmed over the rocks with a definite sense of purpose.  I have never seen anything like this before.  I wonder what they were doing?  Migrating perhaps or heading towards a food source?  I didn’t smell anything that would indicate a dead creature nearby but there was a fair amount of decomposing kelp between the rocks there.  This is what they looked like.