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Otherworldly Sunset

Setting sun over silhouetted rocks


A rocky outcrop

Misty Morn

Misty Morn

I took this shot at Paternoster around sunrise.  I was initially disappointed that it was misty but in the end it worked out as I got this shot and one of an impressive rainbow, or fog bow, as I’m told this kind is called.

Rocks at Rooiels

Went back out to Rooiels on Sunday, with Mela this time, and spent a couple of hours walking, sitting watching the sea and of course taking photographs.


Roach Army

I was out on the rocks by the sea at Rooiels this afternoon taking some photos when I saw the strangest thing.  I spotted a cockroach on a rock near my feet and when I looked at the rocks a little further away, they were crawling with hundreds, if not thousands of small cockroaches.  The strange thing is that most of them were moving in the same direction, forming a column that swarmed over the rocks with a definite sense of purpose.  I have never seen anything like this before.  I wonder what they were doing?  Migrating perhaps or heading towards a food source?  I didn’t smell anything that would indicate a dead creature nearby but there was a fair amount of decomposing kelp between the rocks there.  This is what they looked like.