Unfriendly Cyclists

I have a serious weight problem, being somewhere around twice my ideal body weight and need to start exercising a lot more, and eating a lot less.  This morning I hauled myself out of bed at 5:15 and went cycling.  We live near the sea and it’s pretty flat so not too hard for an unfit slob like me.  I have a 12km route that I follow that takes me down to the beachfront, along the full length of Beach Road and then back home.  It is quite relaxing to ride along in the predawn light, looking at the sea and thinking about the day ahead.  Sometimes I see other’s out exercising; walking, jogging or cycling.  It is usual to greet one another as you pass, so this morning when two cyclists overtook me as I cruised along at my slow pace, I said “Good Morning”.  Much to my surprise these dickheads didn’t even acknowledge me with a nod, let alone a word of greeting.  Perhaps it was because I was riding a mountain bike, rather than the road racer’s they were on, but rather than assume some roadie snobbery as the reason I’ll just assume that they are rude arseholes, wrapped up in their own little worlds.

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