It’s official…

…I’m a moron.  I was up at 03h30 this morning and out of the house just after 04h30, all in a quest to photograph the lunar eclipse.  I headed off towards work and stopped along the way where there weren’t too many lights around and I had a good view of the moon, which was looking great.  I set up my camera and tripod, dialled in my settings and took about 40 photos with different exposures and zoom settings.  I was using manual focus with a trick to get my camera to focus to infinity, and was less than impressed when I got to work, downloaded the photos and found them all to be out of focus.  At that point I realised that I had left out one step in the focus to infinity trick.  I would have to do this when I can’t just go back to shoot again.  Oh well, there’s another eclipse in 2007.  Perhaps I will be less clueless with my camera by then.

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