Are Web Site Designers Just Stupid?

I am so sick of coming across web sites that all display the same stupid, yet easy to correct navigational error.  I’ve seen it happen on sites varying from large corporations, right down to simple sites run by one or two people.

The error I’m talking about is where you are browsing through pages of information, scroll down the page, reach the bottom and go to do the obvious next action, move to the next page.  Except that you can’t, because there are no navigational links visible on the screen.  There is a set of navigational links letting you move to the next or previous page, or to a specific page, but these are at the top of the page.  So you need to scroll back to the top, just so you can move to the next page.  Is it irrational that this drives me nuts?

Come on people, put navigational links at the bottom too.

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