Old age makes you blinder

I have worn glasses or contact lenses since the age of 11 or so and am short sighted, as well as having astigmathism. I now wear contact lenses most of the time, only taking them out in favour of glasses late at night when my eyes become tired.

Last night while taking out and cleaning my contacts I managed to tear one. Not really a huge issue in this age of disposables, except that I was wearing the last pair from a six pair box. So this morning I had to wear my glasses but unfortunately they don’t correct my vision as well as they might, working well close-up but not too well at distance. I am not comfortable driving with them so I got another older pair out and wore those while driving. They correct my vision perfectly at distance but not so well close-up.

I was lucky enough to get an optometrist appointment this morning and went off for a check-up. It seems that I have reached that stage in my life where a single lens is not able to fully correct my vision and the optometrist recommended a pair of reading glasses to be worn over my contacts. Although I can see perfectly well up close with the contacts, the reading glasses will give a little bit of extra help that will give me more comfort and less eye strain. I had never heard of this before and found it quite odd but according to this page it is an accepted practice, and if getting used to bifocal contacts is anything like getting used to bifocal glasses I prefer the reading glasses option.

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