Shocking Stuff

A friend sent me this photo, which I found very moving. He had in turn received it from someone else but I have been unable to find it or information about it on the web. I did find some information about organisations staging fake prom-related crashes to teach school children about the dangers involved in drinking and driving. After looking at this image again I wondered if this image might be from one of those demonstrations. In any case it is still a very powerful image. If anyone has any further information about the situation depicted here, I would be most interested to hear about it.


In case you haven’t got the message yet, cars are dangerous, and drinking and driving kills!

One response to “Shocking Stuff

  1. this is a way to try to get people to stop drinking and driving too its sad when someone is killed because of what peolpe do to others in this world they should do more to keep peolpe like that off the st. we dont want any more peolpe killed and kids too

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