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A Splash of Colour

A Splash of Colour

Bokomo Country

Bokomo Country

On the road near Malmesbury. Shot with my compact while driving, hence the reflections from the windscreen.



See the smiling roadhog. See the smiling roadhog cross the line. See the smiling roadhog push the other car to the yellow line. Push roadhog push. Smile roadhog smile.

Sadly this is an all too common behaviour on South African roads.

Shocking Stuff

A friend sent me this photo, which I found very moving. He had in turn received it from someone else but I have been unable to find it or information about it on the web. I did find some information about organisations staging fake prom-related crashes to teach school children about the dangers involved in drinking and driving. After looking at this image again I wondered if this image might be from one of those demonstrations. In any case it is still a very powerful image. If anyone has any further information about the situation depicted here, I would be most interested to hear about it.


In case you haven’t got the message yet, cars are dangerous, and drinking and driving kills!