This image started off with me going out of my mind because I hadn’t taken a photo for nearly two weeks. On Tuesday afternoon, a public holiday, I grabbed my Fuji S7000, stuck on my ringflash, selected super macro and went in search of macro candidates. One of these was an energy saving light bulb hanging in a wall-mounted light fitting with no shade. Because there is a dresser beneath it I couldn’t frame the photo in the viewfinder or LCD so I just stuck the lens up to the bulb, with the ring flash literally around it, hoped the auto focus would work and fired off a few frames. One of these was useable but pretty boring on its own so I started playing around with giving the tubes colour and make them appear to glow. This worked pretty well so I went on and made this grid of differently coloured lights.


2 responses to “Neon

  1. Steve… this picture does wierd things man!
    Stare at it hard for a few minutes and then change your focus to somehere off the picture and they seem to glow brighter and dimmer!

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