Out of the Dark Ages

Out of the Dark Ages

My days of dial-up Internet connections are over. Since yesterday evening I have had a working ADSL connection. At 192Kb up and 64Kb down it may not be high-bandwidth but it is a lot faster then the dial-up connections I used previously.

5 responses to “Out of the Dark Ages

  1. Just a very few of us dont even have fast dial-up.
    For all we know we might like your photos if we could load the first page. Thumbnails are really good for reaching people such as us. To be blunt, if you cant catch us in 5 seconds, then you’ve lost us.

  2. Interesting. I never really thought that there might be people still out there using dial-up slower than 56Kb. What speed is your connection?

  3. Theoretically 56kb, well that’s the fastest possible, but at times it’s 3kb. This is the real world out here – the 3rd world. And “broadband” isn’t any faster out here.

  4. What country are you in?

  5. Ah, ignore my last. Just noticed the .nz domain on your e-mail.

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