The Newbie

For some time I have been thinking about getting a compact digital camera. My DSLR and its paraphernalia are too bulky to carry around easily so I usually leave it at home unless I’m expecting a photo opportunity to arise. Today I took the plunge and bought myself a Canon Powershot A540. While not tiny enough to be pocketable, it is still smaller than any other camera I own and I will be able to carry it around with me in a little pouch that clips onto my belt.

It is quite a full-featured 6 megapixel camera with a 4X zoom lens providing a 35mm equivalent zoom range of 35mm to 140mm. It uses the same DIGIC II processor as the 350D, 400D, 20D and 30D DSLRs and has the same level of manual control as my DSLR does. It supports ISO up to 800 but is quite noisy at this. The picture of my son here is the first one I took with the camera and was taken at ISO800 in a fairly dim room, towards a window with the afternoon light streaming in. The image had a lot of noise and I had to run a de-noising tool over it twice, once before doing anything and again after adjusting the curves. This is why the image is a bit soft. I will play with it some more tomorrow but I think that this camera is going to serve me well.

2 responses to “The Newbie

  1. Just happy I already have a compact digital lying around 😀 hehehehe.

    It’s actually quite surprising how much technologie they shove into these little cameras.

  2. damn, I can’t spell to save my life. Hahaha, guess that’s what happens when your preoccupied.

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