Berea Sunset

Berea Sunset

This was taken in Berea, Johannesburg sometime during 1985 or possibly early 1986. Shot with a Pentax Spotmatic-F.

2 responses to “Berea Sunset

  1. Steve, these old photos you are digging out are great! I didn’t realise your penchant for photography went so far back.

  2. Thanks Wayne. Yes I was interested back then but when Mela had to stop working and we had young kids money was tight and my camera was one of the non-essentials that was sold to make ends meet. It took me almost 15 years before I got another good camera.

    Most of my photos from those days are missing. There are just a few of them in the box with all our family snapshots (Mela has always had a point and shoot). I must go through all our boxes in various cupboards to look for the rest of them. I’m hoping they have not been lost as Mela says she can’t remember seeing them anywhere since our last move.

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