New Green Point Stadium

A friend just mailed me this artists impression of the new stadium being built at Green Point for the World Cup. He says, “It’s interesting how the architect captured the essence of the endeavor.”

6 responses to “New Green Point Stadium

  1. Man, that is funny!

  2. just been to Cape town for the icc twenty20 the stadium has hardly been started can’t see it being ready in 2 and a half years. If Wembley was anything to go by

  3. the stadium is on schedule. what you saw was earthworks which takes a while, considering the stadium only started in April. It remains on track for completion 8 months before kick-off.

    Wembley took double the time, five times the cost..and guess will cost more than all TEN world cup stadia costs combined.

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  5. The stadium is well on track, and will be one of the great World stadiums when it is done. Check out a real picture at

    I think this picture is funny. But it also is dangerous, as it perpetuates an untruth. The 2010 World Cup is going to be brilliant. The stadiums will all be ready on time. And they will be well used and become international symbols afterwards. They will be well used and in great demand in the future. The infrastructure around them is being well designed for continued use.

    Let’s all get behind the World Cup and ensure it’s a great success!

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