Dugmore wants scissors banned at schools

According to SABC News, Cameron Dugmore, the Western Cape education minister, is looking at banning scissors being brought into schools throughout the province.

What about other dangerous pointed items, like say, pens? Not to mention the dangers of school uniforms; you could strangle someone with a tie. Where does it stop?

5 responses to “Dugmore wants scissors banned at schools

  1. Hey don’t stop there….how about hard-cover books, they can do some serious damage too. And what about shoving a large eraser down someone’s throat – oh boy where will it end?

  2. What about hard-cover books, and sticking large erasers down someones throat….I mean really where do you draw the line?

  3. And don’t forget staplers, rulers, protractors…

  4. Are they going to chew out the shapes instead of cut them now? This is crazy!

    Maybe we can just put the kids in soft padded cells from birth where they can be sufficiently ritilin-ed up for eternity?

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