Daily Archives: 26 August 2007

Paternoster Morning

Paternoster Morning

I have been on leave for the past two weeks and spent part of the time on the West Coast with no access to a computer or the Internet, other than via my cell phone so I have been lax in posting but I will make up for that by posting some of the photos I took while on holiday, like this one, taken shortly after sunrise on the beach at Paternoster.

WTF is up with Google?

I just launched a Google search from the Firefox search bar and was presented with a screen like this.

After entering the CAPTCHA code I saw a message about being redirected, but simply came back to the page above.  Thinking it may be related to using the Firefox search bar I went to the Google home page and searched from there.  Again I got the CAPTCHA but this time the code was accepted when I entered it and I got my search results.  I hope that this is not something we will see every time we do a search from now on.