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Nedbank ATMs join the stupid club

Many years ago I worked for the Perm, who were pretty forward thinking in terms of information technology. As far back as the late 1970s Perm ATMs were able to immediately use your language of choice because it was encoded on your card and could be read as soon as you inserted it. Other banks and building societies required your first action to be choosing a language. In the 1980s Perm was swallowed bymerged with Nedbank who inherited all the clever IT people from Perm, so Nedbank ATMs could also tell your language as soon as you inserted your card. Admittedly they may have already had that behaviour before the merger. Yet, even today, some other banks’ ATMs still require you to choose a language when you insert your card.

Today I went to draw cash and found that Nedbank have rolled out new ATM software. It looks nice, with shiny graphics and even “cool” little audio feedbacks when actions take place. But, they have regressed 30 years, joining the ATM stupid club, by requiring you to choose a language when you insert your card. What’s next? Reverting to bank books and over the counter transacting? Come on guys, is there anyone awake at 105 West Street?

A Splash of Colour

A Splash of Colour

Rhodes Monument

Rhodes Monument

Rhodes Monument is a popular Cape Town spot for wedding photographs so it is quite busy on weekend afternoons.

I Think I’m an Introvert

I’ve never really given it too much thought before but reading this article I found much of the description of introverts to apply to me. So if you know me and think that I am “too serious”, aloof, arrogant or rude, please go and read the article, paying particular attention to the part that says “Remember, someone you know, respect, and interact with every day is an introvert, and you are probably driving this person nuts. It pays to learn the warning signs.”

Blue Wall With Shutters

Blue Wall With Shutters



Another abstract image from Sunday’s photowalk in the Bo Kaap.

The Rough and the Smooth

The Rough and the Smooth

I went for a photowalk in the Bo Kaap neighbourhood of Cape Town yesterday. Besides the normal scenes of brightly coloured old houses, there are many opportunities for abstract shots like this.



A few weekends ago a group of Cape Town Flickrites had a meet-up at Muratie Wine Estate. Part of the old cellar building is used as a gallery and I took this shot there, using the archway as a frame.

New Shoes

I’m pretty impressed with Green Cross shoes. On Saturday I bought myself a new pair of shoes for work as the soles of my old ones were getting rather worn and one sole had a split in it that had me feeling rising damp whenever I walked around outside in rainy weather.

I bought a black pair of the 7610 style that feel more like takkies (sneakers) than smart shoes, so they are very comfortable yet smart enough to fit in with my work wear. The reason that I’m so impressed with Green Cross shoes is that I looked in Moneydance last night and found that I bought my last pair in October 2002. I think that close to 5 years of almost daily wear is pretty good mileage for a pair of shoes.

Met Ys Ya

Met Ys Ya

The owner of this fishing boat must be a brandy lover as any South African that watches TV will recognise the slogan from the Klipdrift TV advert.