Daily Archives: 5 September 2007

The 100+ is back

Earlier at home I was seeing actual unread message counts in Google Reader but now I’m logged in at work and I’m seeing the familiar old 100+ for tags with more than a hundred new posts. “They’re coming to take me away, ha ha, hee, hee!”



A friend lent me his set of Kenko extension tubes to try out so I stuck my 50mm f/1.8 on them and took a few shots of this pot plant on our kitchen windowsill. Some practice is needed but the result certainly seems better than I’ve achieved with close-up filters. I’ve yet to try them with my 70-300 lens to see what kinds of insane magnification I can achieve. The flower in this shot is no more than 1cm across.

Google Reader loses the 100+

Cool, I just noticed that Google Reader has had a little update and no longer displays 100+ when there are over a hundred new posts in a tag.  My All Items is currently showing 904 unread.