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Fire in the Sky

Fire in the Sky

The sunset last night was rather dramatic. Shot from my back yard.

*NOT* Proudly South African

Those who proudly display the old South African flag call themselves patriots, considering those of us that are proud of our country and it’s flag to be sell-outs and suck-ups to the current government. In my opinion the old flag does not represent our country but the previous regime that oppressed the majority of the population and forced our country into the state it’s in today. Displaying it simply shows you have no consideration for your fellow South Africans and no desire to help move this country forward.

As Damien says, “Move on Already!”

100% asshole

Photo by coda

Interesting Times

I just got some news that could make things at work very interesting over the next few months. I am going to try and make the best of it though. Perhaps it’s just the kick in the pants I need to get my motivation and coding mojo back.



Expressions of Cape Town

Expressions of Cape Town

Expressions of Cape Town was a photographic exhibition organised by a group of Capetonian Flickr members. Each of us was able to submit up to thirty photographs, which were judged by a panel of five professional photographers. The best five photographs from each photographer, or fewer if five were not deemed worthy, were printed and placed on boards (one per participant) that were displayed on easels in the Clock Tower shopping centre in Cape Towns V&A Waterfront. It ran frm 12 to 21 October 2007.

Desperate Measures

It is said, that “Desperate times call for desperate measures”. When there is a water shortage, water prices are high and you have no garden fence or wall, it is time for desperate measures to protect your garden tap from being the target of those who would steal your water.

Covers like this one are fairly common in South Africa where home owners have their garden taps used by those passing by, who sometimes leave them dripping or even running, wasting water and costing the owner money.

Fire on Helderberg

Fire on Helderberg 3

There is a bad fire raging on the slopes of Helderberg above Somerset West. I took this shot from my front garden in Strand, approximately six kilometres away from the mountain.

Houston, We Have a Problem

Houston, We Have a Problem

People have been asking how I did this and I should probably have explained when I first posted it, so I’m editing the post now to add a description.

In order to achieve an effect like this one simply needs to use a zoom lens and make a long exposure, zooming out during the time the shutter is open. In this case I used a five second exposure and zoomed in tightly on the green spire. After tripping the shutter I counted four seconds and then zoomed out during the last second. As the lights below were much brighter than the spire, the result is that there is little or no visible light from the spire captured while zooming, leaving the top of the frame nice and dark and getting light trails below.



I took this photograph in the Bo Kaap area of Cape Town.