Verity needs your help

I’ve blogged before about Verity, a singer from Cape Town, who is taking the unusual route of raising money for her first album by pre-selling copies rather than signing her soul away to a record company.  I was prompted to post about this again after receiving her latest newsletter, in which she says;

My first single “Angel” is starting to get playlisted by various radio stations around SA so I am looking forward to seeing how it does. You can find the song available to   DOWNLOAD OR LISTEN HERE…  and I would love to hear what you think.

I also have a web interview that my good friend Bruce Muzik did for his website that you might ENJOY WATCHING HERE…

We are in the final push to sell the last 185 copies on my site. If you enjoy listening to “Angel” and the interview inspires you, then please mail the links to your friends so that they can see if they would like to join the Future Owner family and help us get the album ready to post by the end of May if all goes well!

Please buy a copy of the album.  Help this brave and talented woman to meet her goal and remember that by doing so you are also helping her to help others.  That’s right, a portion from each sale goes to charity.

4 responses to “Verity needs your help

  1. Good music. Good cause.
    Done. Well, tried. The step *after* the CC authorisation failed.
    Wonder if I got charged? Find out in a day or so, I guess.
    Screen-dumped the error.

  2. In the UK a very talented singer used eBay to obtain enough money to make his own album.

  3. Future owner #1703.
    Blogged about it myself a little while ago and really, really enjoyed her Kirstenbosch concert on Sunday.
    She has surpassed her 2000 mark, so the finished product will be arriving shortly

  4. Sadly I haven’t made it to any of Verity’s concerts yet. Great news about the album sales.

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