Oh damn, I’m lazy

I have been merely existing in my study for too long; simply pushing the junk away from my desk and putting off really cleaning up the room.  I can’t bear this any longer and must clean up now; but laziness overwhelms me.  Help!


The purple walls?  A legacy of the teenaged girl that inhabited this space before we bought it.  Not great for a study and adds to the dark, cave-like feel; I do intend to repaint the room some time, probably white, off-white or a light shade of grey.

2 responses to “Oh damn, I’m lazy

  1. For a small fee I can come in and organize EVERYTHING for you, ruthlessly! I just don’t paint walls.. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the offer but I need to do it carefully. It only looks like a pile of junk; some of it is worth keeping.

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